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We are the best and #1 staircase installer in Liverpool

We are the best and #1 staircase installer in Liverpool

Staircase style guide

By leading staircase installer Liverpool, Whitty and Sons.

The staircase is a large and prominent feature in any home, so when it comes time to renovate or replace it, it is certainly worth giving some consideration to the style you’d like to go for. When you use a bespoke staircase designer like us, there are numerous possibilities you could opt for, to create or reinforce a particular aesthetic.

Whitty and Sons Limited is a leading staircase installer Liverpool homeowners and property professionals have trusted for years. Our team of master craftsmen focus on one thing and one thing only, crafting fine quality staircases. Here is our guide to staircase styles and what they communicate about a space.

Traditional style staircases

Traditional staircases are elegant, exceptionally hard-wearing and sit well in most homes, though particularly well in period properties. If yours is a Victorian or Edwardian home and you have been unable to preserve the existing staircase there is no need for concern. We are able to accurately replicate it in style and quality. Great news for us as a staircase installer, Liverpool is filled with beautiful period properties so we have crafted many traditional staircases over the years, from woods such as oak, pine, maple and ash. If your home is newer, a traditional style staircase can be a wonderful way to create a traditional aesthetic in your home, which can then be subtly matched by other aspects of your décor. Made mostly from wood, traditional staircases will last a lifetime.

Contemporary staircases

The choice between traditional and contemporary is the biggest decision you will make with regard to your staircase. Being crafted by the same team and from the same quality materials, the decision is a purely aesthetic one. Contemporary staircases usually mean clean lines and a more angular look than the more traditional counterparts. Glass and metallic finishes can be incorporated and a minimalist design can be achieved without compromising on workmanship.

Angular staircases

It can be necessary, due to building layout, or even simply a design preference, for a staircase to go around a corner. Where this is necessary the decision has to be made whether to opt for straight lines or a gentle curve. Generally speaking a modern staircase lends itself to an angular design, with 90 degree turns and sharp lines that perfectly fit the contours of the building, creating interest and a pleasing effect.

Curved staircases

Where modern staircases lend themselves to straight, angular designs, traditional staircases are often suited incorporating a more gentle curve. However, this is not cut and dry. The decision to make a staircase angular or curved can often come down to practicality and building layout. Just as an angular design can add visual interest to a staircase, so can a curved design. Whatever your ideas, employing a bespoke staircase installer Liverpool like us will allow you to discuss them and ensure that the resulting staircase creates the look you hope for.

Glass balustrades

The use of toughened glass in staircase design is both practical and striking. It can open up a small space, instantly modernise a home and add an air of sophistication. Now just as safe as the traditional wooden alternative, this is a distinctly modern and increasingly popular design feature that is at once stylish and timeless.

A staircase installer for Liverpool

If our staircase style guide has given you some inspiration, contact us to take a look at our case studies and design ideas and get your project moving.


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