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Staircase updates 2018

Whitty & Sons Staircase Style Guide

Staircase updates are big projects in many homes, but their result will last for many years. You can make your staircase the perfect feature in your home, particularly if you choose Whitty & Sons as your staircase joiners. Here at Whitty & Sons we’re experienced in designing and installing staircases in a range of styles, so you can take our advice when it comes to choosing your staircase design. With lots of options to choose from and all the added extras we offer, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your tastes. If style and design is something you’re struggling with, let us help with our staircase style guide.


Contemporary Staircase Design

contemporary staircase design

Staircases are the best way to change the look of the whole house as they are usually situated at the entrance and set the tone of the rest of the home. A contemporary staircase will instantly bring your home up to date. Think clean, sharp lines with glass and metallic finishes when it comes to contemporary staircases. For a modern look we keep it simple and minimal with the design and use less wood and more of our strong, toughened glass. A popular option with our customers is to add metal brackets to take your staircase into the coming season and beyond! 


Traditional Staircase Design

A contemporary style is not our only in demand staircase as many of our customers choose a more traditional style. We love traditional staircases as we get to use more of our beautiful woods such as oak, maple, ash, pine, walnut and tulip. Traditional staircases are long lasting as the majority of the staircase is made up of solid wood. If you have a Victorian or Edwardian style house and you’re in need of a staircase update, we will expertly replicate the character and features of your traditional home in the design of your staircase.   


Curved and Straight Stairs

curved and straight stairsHouses come in all shapes and sizes and so should staircases. Straight staircases are perfect for creating those sharp lines for a contemporary look and curved staircases will give character to traditional staircases. We will build the staircase to the contours of your home or to the shape that you desire. Each staircase is bespoke and its uniqueness will add interest to your home. Only expert craftsmen such as Whitty & Sons can work with wood in this way and manipulate it to a desired shape.


Glass Balustrades

glass balustradesIf you want a unique staircase style, why not take a traditional feature of a staircase and make it bespoke and modern. Glass balustrades are a twist on traditional balustrades and not only look sleek and sophisticated, they are also light reflective and will make the room seem bigger and brighter.


Staircase Updates by Whitty & Sons

Whitty & Sons specialise in all types of staircase renovation and work with many materials to achieve your desired look. Our staircase style guide should give you some inspiration when it comes to choosing your design. If you have other ideas in mind you can speak to our professional and expert joiners who will advise you on the best options. Simply call 07734589286 to book your consultation today.


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