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Staircase renovations in Liverpool by Whitty and Sons

Staircase renovations in Liverpool by Whitty and Sons

Renovating your staircase

Let’s bust a myth – you are not stuck with the staircase you have. People often, mistakenly, think that you only put in a new staircase when you build a new house, or carry out a major refurbishment project and that, the rest of the time, you’re stuck with what you have. This isn’t true. In most homes the staircase is one of the first things you see as you walk through the door. It’s large, it draws the eye and, as such, it makes a statement about your home. It’s up to you what that statement is.

We carry out lots of staircase renovations in Liverpool and you’d be amazed by the extent to which they can transform a space. Working staircase designers like us here at Whitty and Sons you can achieve some serious transformation in minimal time and with minimal disruption to your home. Here are just a few ideas for staircase renovations Liverpool homeowners have asked us for recently.

Staircase renovation ideas

Glass staircases

One of the most impactful changes you can make to a staircase is to incorporate glass, instead of traditional spindles. We specialise in glass staircases and see first hand what a difference they make it a wide variety of homes. If you have a small hallway and would like to create a sense of space, a glass staircase can really open it up.

If you use a sleek, modern design scheme in your home and feel that the stairs are mismatched and out of date, or if you are renovating the room to modernise your design, glass is the perfect solution.

Glass can be incorporated into a staircase either inline or bracketed. This means the glass is attached to the handrail at the top and the stairs at the bottom either directly, with no gap or visible fixings, or using metal brackets.

One of the most popular reasons for having staircase renovations Liverpool, is to incorporate glass. Rest assured the glass we use is toughened and durable, making it just as safe and hard wearing as wood.


If you are perfectly happy with your staircase but your banister is looking tired, it is entirely possible to replace it. The term we use to describe the outer staircase, including all the parts such as the handrail, spindles, baserails etc, is balustrading.

You can replace one or all parts of the balustrading. This can be done either with glass, as described above, or with wood. Whatever material you favour our master craftsmen will create the parts especially for you, to your exact requirements.

If yours is a period property with a traditional wooden staircase, we are capable of replicating the old parts exactly, so that you can keep hold of the period aesthetic and the quality, while updating old, overused parts.

A whole new look

Do you feel that your staircase is the wrong shape? Perhaps it is straight and you feel that you have the space to incorporate a turn and soften the angle. This may well be the case. If you want to achieve a big difference from the staircase you have now then the chances are that you need a whole new staircase. This is more easily achievable than you might think.

We specialise in staircase renovations. Liverpool homeowners regularly come to us wondering what’s possible, only to find that it’s a whole lot more than they expected. So if you are ready to renounce being stuck with the stairs you have, give us a call and find out what your options are.


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