Why We’re The Leading Staircase Joiners in Liverpool

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Why We’re The Leading Staircase Joiners in Liverpool

Installing a staircase into your home is a big project and you should be confident that the designers and craftsmen you choose are well equipped, experienced and trustworthy to ensure that you don’t have any nasty surprises. Whitty & Sons have been in the joinery industry for many years and are one of the leading staircase joiners in Liverpool. From a bespoke service to high quality materials, there are lots of reasons why many people choose us to create and install stunning staircases.

Years of Experience

When building a permanent structure in your home you want to ensure that its built by experienced joiners. Experience doesn’t just depend on how long we’ve been building staircases for, it also depends on the type of staircases we’ve dealt with over the years.

At Whitty & Sons we have experience in dealing with straightforward and complex projects from simple timber staircases to grand spiral staircases with glass features. This experience allows us to meet all sorts of requirements as it’s likely that we’ve dealt with something similar in the past.

Quality Materials

We craft and build staircases from scratch to ensure quality from beginning to end. For a quality staircase that’s strong, durable and will last years, the materials used need to be of a high quality. We deal with many different types of woods such as oak, pine, walnut, tulipwood, maple and ash, and source only the best of these kinds.

Many of these woods work perfectly for interior design as they can be easily moulded into different shapes and carved for intricate detailing. With the materials we use your staircase will hold its shape for many years.

Value For Money

Every penny that goes into making a staircase is worth it as you will receive a finished a product that will exceed your expectations. With the quality of the materials used, the care and expertise from our highly skilled carpenters and a bespoke service, it’s guaranteed to be money well spent. We use a range of woods to suit a range of budgets, so if cost matters to you then we do have woods which are less expensive than others but all projects have the same quality service and craftsmanship no matter the cost.

Trusted Family Run Business

One of the reasons why we’re one of the leading staircase joiners in Liverpool is because we’re a family run business. The benefits of dealing with a family run business as opposed to a large corporate company is that there is more room to be bespoke. Our staircases are not one size fits all and we’re able to be more creative with design and deliver something that matches your specific tastes.

We’re also a trusted and reputable company that has lots of happy customers.


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We have garnered a fantastic reputation for staircase design and installation across the Liverpool area which is why we have become leading staircase joiners in Liverpool.

Staircase Installation By Expert Joiners in Liverpool

If you’re considering installing a brand new staircase in your home make sure it’s designed and installed by Whitty & Sons. Our whole staircase installation service is professional from start to finish and our master craftsmanship is the best around. If you have a design in mind or would like to discuss our options with you, give us a call on 07734589286.


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