Why Glass Staircases Are So Popular

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Why glass staircases are so popular

Why Glass Staircases Are So Popular

When we refer to glass staircases, what we’re talking about is the use of glass staircase panels in the banister section of the stairs. The use of these glass staircase panels has become increasingly popular in recent years and it is easy to see why. Hard wearing and undeniably elegant, they create a sense of space and light in the home. As staircase specialists, we are not at all surprised to report that glass staircases are now amongst our most requested products.

Glass staircase panels are more hard wearing than you’d think

There are two main things that initially hold some people back from wanting a glass staircase. Firstly, they assume that glass is less safe than wood. Secondly, they don’t want to spend the time on cleaning it. Both of these points are easy to address.

There are a whole host of building regulations that surround the types of glass that can be used in these kinds of projects and they are all there to keep you safe. Suffice to say, only toughened glass is used in all of the glass staircase panels that we produce. Consequently, they are just as safe, tough and hard wearing as wooden panels.

Secondly, we know you don’t want to be cleaning sticky fingerprints off glass all the time. Who would? But in many spaces the benefits of a glass staircase outweigh this one small drawback. The key to maintaining a clean glass staircase is simply to give it a regular wipe with a soft cloth. Given the location of the glass, between the stairs and the handrail, it will really only get mucky if you have small children and, well, when you have little ones around doesn’t everything? These wipe clean and they look great.

Why are they so popular?

If you have had an all wooden staircase in the past you will be amazed how glass staircase panels can open up your space. If your hallway is a little dark, glass will help the light to flow into areas that wooden handrails would block. They also create an undeniably elegant finish. Not to mention that, of course, glass goes with everything! Bracketed glass staircase panels

We have two options when it comes to glass staircase panels; inline and bracketed. So choosing a glass staircase doesn’t limit your design choices. Whether you opt for a glass inline staircase, where the glass sits framed by the handrail, stairs and posts, or a glass bracket staircase, where the glass is held in place by metal brackets, is a purely aesthetic decision, so take a look around our site and decide which look you prefer.

Toughened glass staircases require minimal upkeep as well. If you have been gloss painting your banister for years, you will no doubt appreciate having one formed from a material that will look effortlessly chic for a long time to come.

Safe, sturdy and great looking, it isn’t difficult to see why glass staircases have gained in popularity.

Buy your staircase from the experts at Whitty & Sons

A staircase is a one-time purchase and a heavy use fixture, so it makes sense to opt for craftsmanship. At Whitty & Sons, we only make staircases. We specialise so that we can create the very best products for every one of our customers and we are here for you when you are ready to have your staircase installed. So call us today on 0151 203 1709 to have your glass staircase panels designed and installed.


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