How to Care For Glass Staircase Panels

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How to care for glass staircase panels

How to Care For Glass Staircase Panels

There is a lot to consider when installing a brand new staircase in your home and a lot of thought will go into the design and choice of material, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practicality. If you’ve been toying with the idea of having glass staircase panels fitted to your staircase as opposed to wooden balustrades, but are put off by the maintenance needed to keep them sparkling, then our guide to caring for glass staircases will convince you otherwise.

What are the concerns regarding glass staircase panels?

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There is a popular misconception that glass is too fragile for staircases, and with lots of people using the staircase and boisterous children running up and down them, accidents are bound to happen which is why glass staircases are seen as a danger in the home. You’re not wrong for thinking this as glass can be fragile and dangerous but it’s use on home furniture and constructs is perfectly safe. This is because it is a different type of glass that is used for staircases.

When building something in the home there are lots of regulations to follow and standards to meet. When using glass in the construction of staircases it’s vital that this is toughened and durable glass. We use extra thick, shatterproof glass which is extremely safe for stair use. Glass staircase panels are no less safe than wooden balustrades, plus the high durability of the glass that we use means it will last you a lifetime!

Many people are also concerned that glass staircases will lose their shine and are high maintenance, but our guide will show you how simple it is to keep glass staircase panels sparkling.

Caring for glass staircases

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We understand that the less housework you have to do the better, and you may think that glass staircases will add more cleaning to your already long list! However, you’ll be pleased to know that glass actually gathers less dust than wood which already reduces the amount of maintenance work needed to keep your staircase shining. The only time you’ll need to clean your staircase is to remove fingerprint marks or accidental spillages, and these are so simple and easy to remove.

We have a few tips on the best way to remove marks from glass staircase panels which include:

  • Using a gentle soap solution and soft cloth to clean away dirt
  • Do not use paper based materials to wipe away dirt
  • Avoid vigorous scrubbing
  • To dry the glass and remove streaks buff in circular motions with a soft cloth
  • Remove jewellery from hands to avoid scratching the surface

It’s hard to avoid the odd mark here and there but it shouldn’t take up all your time to remove them. This cleaning method is so simple and efficient and will have your staircase looking good as new in no time!

Don’t let these misconceptions put you off the idea of installing glass staircase panels in your home as toughened glass staircases can in fact improve the cleanliness and aesthetics of your home. There are so many benefits of glass staircases, they can really modernise and brighten your home as well as adding more space due to its light reflecting properties.

Hopefully we’ve made your decision to install glass panels in your staircase easier. There’s no time to waste, get your staircase project underway by calling Whitty & Sons on 07734589286 to have your beautiful new staircase crafted and installed.


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