The Importance of Custom Staircase Design

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custom staircase design

The Importance of Custom Staircase Design

Here at Whitty & Sons we understand that not every home is the same and that each and every staircase that we fit is with you and your home in mind. We treat our customers how we would like to be treated, and when designing and fitting your staircase we treat it as though it’s our own so you can always expect the highest quality product and service. Everybody’s home is unique but if you’re looking for something that’ll really help your home to stand out from the rest, our custom staircase design service could be just the thing for you.

Bespoke Service From Design To Installation

We believe staircases are a magnificent feature in every home, and with it being a permanent structure you want to ensure you get everything right. From the choice of wood to any added features, it should all be bespoke so that you can be proud of your creation for years to come.

There are so many options and design ideas when it comes to staircases to suit every decor and make your home unique and different to your neighbours. Our team of expert carpenters work hard to ensure that your dream image is achieved. We take you through the different ways a staircase can work in your home and complement the rest of your decor.

We will also advise you on the practicalities of your staircase and what you want it to achieve within your home. So, if you’re looking for a simple, solid design that serves its main function as a connection between one floor level and another or if you want it to also serve as a design feature with a beautiful detailed finish, Whitty & Sons can help achieve your goals.

Not only this, we also have some handy tips and trends to help you with the design process.

Custom Staircase Design

Add Curves and Detailcurved balustrades

We are champions of the simple, straight wooden staircase as our stunning oak wood is sometimes all you need! However, we also love to show off our craftsmanship any way we can so why not have a twist on a classic by adding curves and detail to your design.

These twisted balusters add interest to this simple banister and add dimension and definition. Staircases do not always have to be straight, as spiral and angled staircases are set to be big trends this year. The more detail that is added to your staircase, the more it’ll stand out and be a focal point in your home.


Glass Staircasescustom inline glass staircase

Adding glass to a staircase is another very popular trend this year. Glass instantly modernises a staircase and the rest of your home. Inline glass is so versatile so you can achieve different looks. If you’re struggling for space in your home and are put off by the thought of a bulky wooden staircase enclosing what little space you have, glass is a perfect way to open up the space in your home to make the room appear bigger than it actually is.

If your staircase is located in a dull hallway, your staircase should serve to reflect light. Glass reflects light well and the more glass that you have fitted in the staircase as pictured here, the more light and space will be injected into the room.

Metallic Fixingsmetal staircase accent

Adding a metallic accent can significantly improve the look of your staircase and give it a luxurious look. If you’re looking for something that exudes opulence then metallic brackets combined with inline glass and oak wood could be perfect for you.

Metal is a sophisticated and modern material that will immediately take your staircase from traditional and classic to trendy. Metallic fixings make a great finishing touch to a beautifully designed and durable staircase.



Staircases Designed and Installed With The Help Of Whitty & Sons

We want to involve you in the design process as much as possible, after all it will be gracing your hallway for years to come. Leave the hard work to our skilled carpenters whilst you are part of the fun of designing a beautiful staircase.

We hope that this post has given you an insight into some design tips, there are plenty more throughout our website! If you want even more information, give us a call on 0151 203 1709 or email to begin your design process.


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