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Christmas staircase decor by Whitty & Sons

Christmas Staircase Decor Inspiration

One of the best parts of Christmas is decorating the home and giving it a festive feel. From Christmas trees and flashing lights, to tinsel and garlands there are so many ways to transform your home into a cosy winter wonderland. If you like to go all out for Christmas and decorate the entire home, or if your short for space, then take advantage of the staircase as this can be the perfect place to decorate and make a statement entrance in your home. We’ve got some great ideas for Christmas staircase decor to share with you.

How to dress your staircase for Christmas

Christmas garlands

Christmas staircase garland

A simple and elegant way to dress the staircase is by draping a traditional Christmas garland along the banister. This instantly gives a festive feel and looks particularly beautiful with earthy, wooden banisters as seen above. Twist the garlands around the banister with care or drape it along the balustrades in a swag style. You can be as creative as you like and make the garland your own by adding your own accessories such as bows, ribbons, fragrant berries and pine, and twinkling lights.

Hanging baubles and stockings

christmas stockings

Baubles aren’t just for the tree, you can use them in other parts of the home and create original, handmade decorations. One way of incorporating them onto the staircase is by attaching them to pieces of ribbon and draping them in between the balustrades. If you have spare baubles this is a great way of making use of them and they look beautiful hanging from a staircase.

Alternatively, try inserting glitter or twinkling lights, or even Christmas figurines, into clear baubles. Whether they’re combined with a garland or displayed alone they’re a standout feature on any staircase.

Stockings can also be hung from the staircase as well as the mantlepiece. Attach them all along the balustrades and fill them with extra presents!

Line the stairs with lights and ornaments

Christmas lantern

The steps of a staircase can also be used to display Christmas decorations but take care with this and ensure they’re not a trip hazard. Line the steps with Christmas figurines, lights or stacked presents. Lights look particularly beautiful along the stairs in the form of fake candles, fairy lights in jars or you can even display light up letters to spell out a Christmas word.

Add a finishing touch to the end of the banister

You can use every part of the staircase when it comes to Christmas decor, and the end of the banister is no exception. Whether it’s a bow, wreath, stocking or a handmade Christmas piece it can be attached to this area as the centrepiece or showstopper of your Christmas staircase decor.

Christmas staircase decor inspiration by Whitty & Sons   

Dressing the staircase is a perfect way of adding more ambience to the home during the festive season and giving your home even more of a Christmassy feel. If you’ve just had a brand new staircase installed, whether it be wooden or a glass staircase, what better way to show it off than with Christmas decorations. Likewise if your staircase is looking a little shabby, decorations can spruce it up and hide a multitude of sins! Try using DIY Christmas decorations to add a personal touch to your home.

In our opinion, dressing the staircase is just as important as dressing the Christmas tree, and hopefully we’ve given you enough Christmas staircase decor inspiration to create a spectacular, festive feature in your home.



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