The Benefits of Timber Staircases

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The Benefits of Timber Staircases

Timber is wood that has been prepared for use in the building industry, and it has been a staple material for many centuries, particularly in building homes and furniture. Wood in general is the prefered choice of material for staircases due to its practicality and aesthetics. Timber can be made from many different tree species which makes it unique when crafting bespoke pieces of furniture. If you’re struggling to decide on the best type of staircase for your home, let us help you in your decision. Here are some of the benefits of our timber staircases and why our customers love them so much!


Beautiful appearance

There is no better way of achieving a natural look than with wood. Lots of other man-made materials take a lot of work to achieve the detail in pattern that timber naturally has. Distinctive grain markings are different on every tree and shades can range from light yellows to dark browns. This makes it a great material for interior design as you can create unique pieces that will make your home stand out among the rest. If you’re looking to create a naturally bespoke feature in your home, timber staircases are the way to go. Although a classic material, when combined with glass you can bring your timber staircase into the present and give it a contemporary look.


Strong and durable

Although timber is typically a fairly lightweight material, it’s proportionately strong and resilient. This makes it the perfect material for heavy duty structures as it is easy to handle but strong  enough to ensure safety and longevity. Timber can be easily manipulated into various shapes without breaking as it has a high tensile strength. This is a great benefit from a design point of view as you can be as versatile as you like with the style and design of your staircase. It’s also resilient enough to withstand varnish and staining if you would like to modify the shade to suit the rest of your decor. 



A sustainable, renewable resource

Although there is concern about deforestation and the effect cutting down trees can have on the environment, timber is a natural renewable resource as long as trees are planted at a similar rate to being cut down. Timber is also far more energy efficient than using steel, concrete, or aluminium in construction and is recyclable. 


Cost effective

Although timber is one of the strongest building materials and has been used on buildings which have lasted centuries, it is actually also one of the cheapest materials. For a large construction such as a staircase, cost is a major factor. Timber is a relatively cheap material but it will last the test of time! It’s also easy to maintain and structures can be made fairly quickly which will also save on cost.


Timber Staircases by Whitty & Sons

As you can see there are many benefits of using timber for constructing staircases which is why we champion wooden staircases have been creating them for many years. We create bespoke timber staircases of various sizes and add unique, contemporary touches such as glass and metal brackets all across Liverpool. Call 0151 203 1709 today to begin the design process of your new timber staircase with Whitty & Sons.


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